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Beijing Traditional Foods Tour



The Old Beijing of a Foodie

Getting to know Beijing with your tastebuds should be a wonderful experience. We will not take you to the night market or the snack market, which is full of tourists. Instead, we select small restaurants loved by locals, for you to try out traditional food and snacks.

Enjoy a Peking roast duck dinner in a restaurant with a time-honored reputation. During this tour, you will sample 8 kinds of traditional Beijing food/snack and 2 kinds of locally popular drinks.

Tour ‘Wow’ Points

Taste the Doornail Meat Pie with Chinese “Fanda”

Try the famous Beijing beef pie, looking like the palace doornail, with the popular local soft drink. Get to know the interesting story about the name of the pie.

Tianning Temple
The beef stuff in the pie

Try Mr. Shi’s Dumplings Loved by Local Expats

Meet Mr. Shi in his small restaurant tucked away in Huong. Taste the different flavors of the dumpling, which you might have never tried.

Dumpling meal in a local restaurant
Fried dumplings

Enjoy Peking Roast Duck of a Time-Honored Brand

Feast your eyes and stomach with the most famous Beijing dish in a courtyard restaurant. Walk into the kitchen for roasting ducks.

Peking roast duck
The kitchen for roasting ducks

Taste the Royal Court Desserts Loved by Empress Dowagers

Sample 3 kinds of exquisite desserts for the royal families in the old times and the popular noodle loved by ordinary people

Royal court desserts
 Noodles with soybean sauce


Itinerary Quick Look

Here is a suggested itinerary. We are happy to customize a tour according to your interests.

Doornail Meat Pie

Meet your guide at the Exit A of Andingmen subway station at 6:00 pm.

Start your Beijing traditional food hunting with the doornail meat (beef) pie. Your guide will explain the history of this traditional food. It tastes better if you dip it in vinegar. A bottle of local “Fanda” will refresh your mouth and stomach, ready for the next delicacy.

Mr. Shi’s Dumplings

You will walk about 300 meters to the next stop, Mr. Shi’s dumpling restaurant. This is an interesting place where you can see how traditional food has been influenced by western culture. Listen to Mr. Shi’s stories and try 2 different flavors of dumpling, the traditional one and the one loved by expats in Beijing.

After saying goodbye to Mr. Shi, you will continue to the next local snack. Walk about 660 meters to a small yogurt shop. Try a traditional Chinese yogurt loved by the emperors and prepare your stomach for your Peking roast-duck dinner.

Peking Roast Duck and Desserts

Walk about 800 meters to the last stop. Featuring a traditional courtyard style and Beijing cuisine, the Huajiayiyuan restaurant attracts both local citizens and celebrities with its delicious and exquisite food. Don’t forget to visit the roast-duck kitchen. Your guide will explain how the chef cooks the famous Peking roast duck.

Enjoy the roast duck, noodles with fried soybean sauce and 3 kinds of royal court desserts. Savor a happy ending by filling your stomach and your mind with these Beijing flavors.

From USD 89 p/p

Based on a private tour for 5 persons. Price varies depending on program, travel date, and number of people,maximum for 5 persons.

When you place an order ,the  price is only for single one person,not the full price for 2 to 5 persons,it is like a booking price,we will collect the rest of money when we meet you all in Beijing.For example you are 5 persons in this small group to book this tour, you just pay 89 US dollars online,and while we pick you up or meet you at your hotel lobby,you then pay 89 US dollars each for other 4 persons.This way can utmost ensure both of our benefits.Reliability and trust are so important in business,and we are sincerely looking forward to seeing your reviews on TripAdvisor after the tour.

We suggest combining this food tour with other sightseeing in Beijing, to make it more cost-efficient.

Price Includes:

  • English speaking local guide
  • Activities and meals listed in the itinerary
  • 24/7 helpline for while you are traveling

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number of persons

1 (per person), 2 (per person), 3 (per person), 4 (per person), 5 (per person)


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