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Happy little classroom has a group of excellent teachers who have many years of educating experiences,with many years' effort,casting the ideality of the classroom.and owning the flexible teaching mode and the best oral speaking ability,we believe,every student is the best one!
Bob Wang's happy little classroom is focused on Chinese Pinyin pronunciation course for zero Chinese basis group,it is based on ''experience,entertainment and interaction with imitation of Chinese living situation,that offer you an opportunity of studying and practicing Chinese.The course is independently created according to foreigners'learning trait,pushing out an experiencing style education。Building a sense of Pinyin pronunciation between letters,it makes friends stay at a very pleasant atmosphere to know and to learn the secret of Pinyin,mastering the rule of natural Pinyin spelling,therefore reaching a goal that you can read when seeing the Chinese characters with Pinyin,and you can spell when hearing the words.You may have more personalized interaction with teachers,enhancing the ability of expressing a precise spoken Chinese language,you are able to read when seeing the words,and to spell and to write as well.
Through many activities and interesting games ,the content of this level which the students have learnt can be consolidated with guiding exercise.
The courses included:Zero basis Chinese for adults,Adult spoken Chinese,Fluent spoken Chinese,Pinyin 4 tones pronunciation,Natural Pinyin spelling,Scene dialogue,Movie interaction,Cooking experience class,Whole course of speaking Chinese etc.
Happy little classroom